Petromax Cast Iron Saucepan with Lid – 2 sizes


Created from a love of the outdoor flame, these stunning saucepans ensure an authentic cooking experience whether you use them indoors or out. 

The curved lid ensures flavours stay locked in and the two openings around the saucepan edge allow cooking liquid to be removed safely and with ease. 

Made in Germany, these stunning saucepans look beautiful as well as being functional and durable.


The Petromax Cast Iron Saucepans are expertly manufactured in Germany.

Dishes prepared in these beautiful and durable cast-iron saucepans develop a deeper, more intense flavour thanks to the curved lid which allows condensed water to stay in the pot. This preserves all the flavours created during the cooking process.

These Petromax Cast Iron Saucepans can be used to prepare stews, meat and fish dishes as well as special sauces. You can roast, simmer, braise and cook indoors or outside on an open flame. With two side-openings for pouring you can serve sauces with pinpoint accuracy and drain cooking water easily.

Finished with a beautifully patterned lid.  

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Product Spec

Dimensions: 1L/17cm – 11.4 x 35.1 x 18.6cm

                     2L/21cm – 12.8 x 39.1 x 22.6cm

Capacity: 1L & 2L

Material: Cast iron

Care instructions:  Hand wash only with gentle detergent. Do not use metal scourers. Dry thoroughly after use. For best results, apply cast iron conditioner. 

About Petromax

Petromax all started over 100 years ago in Germany. Technical pioneer, Max Graetz, founded the high-pressure lamp company and christened it Petromax; arising from the combination of Maxe’s affectionate moniker, ‘Petroleum Maxe’. 

Fast forward to today and the company still manufactures its premium products in Germany. It has evolved and expanded to produce world-class, cast-iron cookware, with a passion for the outdoor flame at the heart.

This German made brand provides functional cookware for enjoying the beauty of nature and cooking together and cared for correctly, they will last a lifetime. 

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