Le Creuset Kone Stovetop Kettle


Synonymous with quality, the Le Creuset Stove Kettle will add a touch of class to your morning routine.

Available in a great selection of colours, we have a shade to suit your kitchen colour scheme.


Nothing beats the tempting aroma of freshly brewed tea or coffee. Elevate your everyday ritual with the stylish Le Creuset Kone Kettle. Crafted from enamelled steel, it adds a vibrant pop of colour to your home. And when your water’s ready, it whistles!

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Product Spec

  • Advanced efficiency: these kettles have a wide base for more efficient heating.
  • Best in class: our products are crafted from the finest materials in facilities around the world, ensuring the quality you expect from Le Creuset.
  • Foldable Handle: A conveniently flexible handle that can bend makes it easier to fill your kettle. It also helps to make storage more practical.
  • Suitable for electric, gas, ceramic glass cooktop and induction hobs

Dimensions: L25.2 W19.8 H24cm

Care instructions: Clean your kettle after each use – hand wash it with a neutral detergent. Never use abrasive scrubbers or detergents as they could damage the surface. Done? Dry your kettle thoroughly to prevent mineral deposits.

Don’t leave water sitting in your kettle when it’s not in use.

To remove mineral deposits, fill the kettle up to the maximum mark level with a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar and simmer for 20 minutes. If deposit persists use a gentle descaler.

Dry well after washing and store in a dry place.

Material: Enamelled carbon steel

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