KitchenCraft Tub of Ceramic Baking Beans (500g)


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Unleash the baking magic with ceramic baking beans—your secret weapon for perfect pie crusts every time! No beanstalks, just unbeatable pastry prowess and reusable efficiency.

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Discover the magic of the KitchenCraft Ceramic Baking Beans, a must-have for blind baking enthusiasts!

While they won’t sprout into a beanstalk, these KitchenCraft Ceramic Baking Beans work wonders in keeping your pie crusts perfectly shaped. When blind baking, prevent bubbling or shrinking by simply placing these heat-resistant ceramic beans on baking paper inside your pie crust. They distribute heat evenly, ensuring a consistently cooked crust, and they’re reusable, unlike traditional dried beans. Say goodbye to pastry problems and hello to flawless baking results, bake after bake!

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Product Spec

  • Ceramic baking beans: the ultimate tool for flawless blind baking
  • Prevents pastry from bubbling and shrinking during baking
  • Distributes heat evenly for a perfectly cooked crust
  • Reusable alternative to traditional dried beans
  • Heat-resistant and easy to use—simply pour into your pie crust and bake!

Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.4 x 8.5cm (tub)

Material: Ceramic

Care instructions: Handwash only

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