Kikkerland Tube Squeezer Keys – Set of 2


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Now you can get every last drop of tomato paste, toothpaste and creams out of a various array of tubes and packets.

These handy tube keys are a must-have for every household!

In stock


Say goodbye to wasted product! The Kikkerland Metal Tube Squeezer Keys are ingeniously designed to help you extract every bit of paste, lotion, or ointment from your tubes. Simply slide the key onto the end of the tube and roll it up, ensuring that you maximize the use of your cherished cosmetics and household products.

The Metal Tube Squeezer Keys come in a pack of two, providing you with versatility and convenience. Keep one in your bathroom and another in your travel bag, or share one with a friend or family member. With two keys at your disposal, you’ll always have the perfect tool for the job.

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Product Spec

  • 1 small and 1 large key in a pack
  • Ensures you get every last drop from your creams and pastes
  • Makes a great gift or stocking filler

Care Instructions: Hand wash only

Material: Stainless steel

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