Joseph Joseph Flow™ Easy Fill Ice Cube Tray


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May your G & Ts never be without ice again!

This is a must have for the freezer. This ice cube tray is super easy to fill with water and the central reservoir makes it simple to remove the cubes when needed. A handy lid ensures no spills and keeps the cubes odour free.

Only 2 left in stock


This innovative Joseph Joseph ice cube tray features linked cavities to allow water to flow freely when filling so that the tray can fill up faster. The central reservoir also makes it super easy to remove cubes.

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Product Spec

  • Linked cavities allow water to flow freely when filling
  • Tray fills faster and splashing reduced
  • Lid creates fourth wall in each cavity making single cubes
  • Stackable lid helps prevent water spilling and tainting from freezer odours
  • Large 14 cube capacity

Dimensions: H3.6 x W12 x D33 cm

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe. 

About Joseph Joseph

It all started with a single glass chopping board…

In 2003, twin-brothers Anthony & Richard Joseph created their first product…a glass chopping board. Since then, their aim has been to revolutionise tasks in the home and make the everyday more efficient.

We love Joseph Joseph’s mantra of ‘Buy Well. Buy Once’. Their quality home products are designed, prototyped and tested in London which then go on to be made to the highest quality using the best materials to ensure a long and useful life.

At Cooking Kneads you’ll find a fantastic selection of Joseph Joseph items including innovative chopping boards, natty tools for whisking, mixing, chopping and dicing, plus useful dishwashing accessories. All built to make day to day life easier around the home in a sleek, sophisticated way.

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