Eddingtons Ranch BBQ & Wood Fire 13’’/33cm Round Pizza Stone With Stand


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A great accessory for dining in the great outdoors! This ceramic 13 inch pizza stone can be used on both gas and charcoal barbecues and also pizza ovens and wood fires for a truly authentic pizza experience. But if you’re not one for making your own dough this stone can also be used with pre-prepared pizzas too.

Complete with chrome rack for safe handling. 

Only 2 left in stock


Create the ultimate crisp crust pizza with the Eddingtons BBQ  & Wood Fire 13’’/33cm Round Pizza Stone With Stand. The ceramic stone ensures that heat is distributed evenly, cooking your pizza right through to the centre. The moisture absorption of the stone also guarantees a perfectly light and crisp crust every time.

Not just for pizzas, you can use the ceramic Pizza Stone to cook fresh bread,

calzone, or even pre-prepared pizza.

Product spec

  • Withstands a 300°C+ temperature
  • Even heat distribution
  • For use with gas & charcoal BBQs, wood fires & pizza ovens 
  • Complete with handy chrome stand
  • Wash with warm water only

Dimensions: Dia: 33.3cm 

Care instructions: Always allow to cool first before cleaning. Do not wash with soap or detergent. Scrape away excess food residue with a soft cloth and then wash with warm water only. Dry thoroughly.

Material: Ceramic stone