Chef Aid Air Fryer Liner – 3 sizes


Dishwasher, fridge & freezer safe, these natty air fryer liners by Chef Aid are your ticket to fuss-free tidying. Hoorah!


Introducing Chef Aid Air Fryer Liners, the ultimate companion for hassle-free cooking in your air fryer. Say goodbye to scrubbing and scraping with these convenient, non-stick liners designed to fit perfectly in your air fryer basket. Available in circle, rectangle, or square shapes, these liners are tailored to suit various air fryer models, ensuring a snug fit every time.

Crafted from high-quality, food-grade materials, Chef Aid Air Fryer Liners are heat-resistant and safe for use at high temperatures, making them ideal for all your air frying needs. Whether you’re cooking crispy chicken wings, golden French fries, or delectable vegetable medleys, these liners provide a protective barrier between your food and the basket, preventing sticking and ensuring even cooking.

Not only do these reusable air fryer liners streamline your cooking process, but they also simplify clean-up. No more soaking and scrubbing to remove stubborn food residue. With these liners, simply lift out your cooked creations, discard the liner, and enjoy your meal without the added stress of lengthy tidying.

Product Spec
  • Oven-safe capability up to 230°C
  • Fridge and freezer safe for seamless meal preparation to storage transition
  • Features grooved base for enhanced airflow and even cooking
  • Equipped with handles for easy removal

Dimensions:  Circular – 21 x 4 cm approx

Rectangular – 19.5 x 12.5 x 7cm approx

Square – 20 x 19.5 x 5cm approx

Material: Silicone

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe.

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