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Kitchen Knives

Our kitchen knife section provides you with the opportunity to purchase the most important tool in your kitchen. We have a comprehensive range of knives on display allowing you to feel the weight and balance of each knife. This enables you to choose the correct knife for the task in hand. We stock several brands hence our range suits all budgets.

Global Knives

Our premium brand of Japanese knives, Global were designed by Komin Yamada in 1985, using the best materials available.  Global is now a household name synonymous with precision, quality and have an iconic design.   These statement knives are the tools that many professional and cooking enthusiasts aspire to own and meet the most demanding requirements.

The Global family consists of the original Classic range of the hollow handled G and GS series, followed by the fully-forged GF and GSF series.

The new generation knives are the Global NI – a larger handled knife with angular blade design and the Global SAI – with hand crafted and hammered finished blades.  We stock a small selection and can order any Global knife from their vast range.

I.O. Shen

This Mastergrade range from a top quality Japanese manufacturer uses the very latest technology to produce an amazingly sharp blade which retains its edge for a phenomenal amount of time.  I.O.Shen knives are easily recognisable with their unique Tai Tang handle – an integral part of the handle essential for achieving balance and stability.

The  I.O.Shen knife uses a layer of super hard steel sandwiched between two layers of softer stainless steel to produce the ultimate robust cutting edge making light work of food preparation . With a handsome range of Specialist, Chef and Oriental knives, I.O.Shen  offer  the more discerning cook  a dream blade to work with.

Robert Welch

Strong British design and quality German steel are the key elements of our Robert Welch Signature range.  Each knife is fully forged with an angled edge for superior sharpness.  The stylish ergonomic handle made of durable DuPont gives comfort balance and precision in everyday use.   These knives are trusted by home chefs and professionals giving excellent value for money and come with a 25 year guarantee.   Visit Cooking Kneads where we can provide expert advice and you can handle the wide range of Robert Welch knives from our comprehensive display.

Wüsthof Kitchen Knives

Wüsthof is a family run business with over 200 years of production at their factories in Solingen, Germany.  Their Trident symbol represents the three values of the company’s philosophy – Passion, Diligence and Perfection.  The knives are made from high quality, German stainless steel and undergo  40 processes to produce an outstanding  sharp and functional tool for use in domestic and commercial kitchens.   Cooking Kneads stock the popular Classic range – a forged full bolstered well-balanced knife with steel rivets and a timeless traditional look.  All other Wüsthof knife ranges are available to order.


From the makers of the famous Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox is one of the leading knife manufacturers in the world.  This Swiss company uses rigorous quality control checks to produce a range of top quality, precision knives using the finest steel with the benefit of many years of design experience.   Cooking Kneads stock the Victorinox Rosewood range, which have been the choice of many professional cooks for generations.  We also stock our best selling paring and peeling knives in the polypropylene range – a must have tool in everyone’s kitchen.

Sabatier & Stellar

Popular with our customers are the wide range of Sabatier Stellar knives.  They have a life time guarantee and are proven to have great resistance to heat, wear and dishwasher detergents.  The knife blade has a full length ‘tang’ which extends into the stainless steel riveted handles.  These versatile knives appeal to our more cost conscious customer and will provide long service, with the advantage of easy sharpening and resistance to rust and stains.

Kitchen Devils

This iconic brand provides the budget element of our comprehensive range of knives.   Kitchen Devil has developed a reputation for manufacturing high quality kitchenware for everyday use.  Their knives feature a ‘no-need-to-sharpen’ blade and are guaranteed for 10 years giving the customer peace of mind.   These knives are the ‘go to’ tool for any number of kitchen tasks.

Kuhn Rikon

The ever popular Colori paring knives offer Swiss design with colour and style combined.  They are made of high quality, ultra-sharp Japanese stainless steel and can handle all your kitchen prep-tasks.  Available in straight or serrated with protective sheaths, these knives will brighten up any kitchen surface and are ideal companions for your picnic hamper!

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