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The Only Stockist of Emma Bridgewater in Shrewsbury

At Cooking Kneads we began stocking Emma Bridgewater tins and napkins and were amazed at the uptake from customers.  The natural progression was to become the sole stockist in Shrewsbury of Emma Bridgewater ceramics and we now have a regular customer base.

The Emma Bridgewater phenomenon began in 1985 after Emma failed to find a suitable present for her mother!  Emma and her husband Matthew Rice realised there was a gap in the market for beautiful and practical pottery.  Their everyday life experiences gave them most of their ideas when creating the unique and relaxed designs that we see on our shelves today.  The company prides itself on being thoroughly British and all the pottery is handmade in Stoke-on-Trent in the original factory it started in.  Pottery is the heart of the company but recently they have developed the range of patterns into other areas i.e. tins, napkins, picnic ware, enamel ware and textiles.

Each piece of Emma Bridgewater pottery is made of cream-coloured earthenware and most of the production  work is still done by hand.  All the pieces are individually hand-decorated so everyone is very slightly different – signed by the person who painted it!

The bestselling mugs are the main line within Cooking Kneads.  We stock both the 1/2pt and baby mugs and have the traditional designs of Polka, Wallflower, Rose & Bee, Starry Skies, Pink Hearts and Black Toast.  Farm animals, Birds, Hens and Dogs are also very popular.

The collection of tins range from the Tea Caddy’s, Cake Tins, Biscuit and Cracker Tins in Polka, Wallflower, Hens and other designs.

Gorgeous melamine children’s sets come in a practical sturdy case and there are aprons to match for those keen little cooks!

Recently Emma Bridgewater have commissioned ICTC to supply enamelware in the traditional  Black Toast pattern.  These products are ageless and would sit handsomely in anybody’s kitchen.  The Bread Bin is a statement piece along with casseroles, roasters, jugs and pitchers.

At Cooking Kneads we are happy to order any Emma Bridgewater product you require.

We have a beautiful range of Emma Bridgewater products with eye catching ceramics and best selling mugs. The new enamelware includes a stunning Bread bin, roasters and jugs. Other items are cake and biscuit tins as well as tea caddies, textiles, napkins and children’s melamine sets. We are always happy to take special orders for a certain item you require.

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