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A great insight into the independent retail industry for our first work experience student!

This summer Cooking Kneads welcomed its first work experience student – Clara Vasey from the local Priory School.   It wasn’t the best week to have a new bod in the shop as we were having some improvements made to our displays.  However Clara proved to be a very willing and adaptable young lady and coped very well under the circumstances.  With each new display area being completed – Clara was able to experiment with the displaying of products – quite a challenge with our huge array of stock!  We hope we gave Clara a real insight into how an independent retail outlet works and on her last day I asked her to sum up her experience.

“My name is Clara and I have just completed my weeks work experience at Cooking Kneads.  I have really enjoyed my time here as it feels like I have been welcomed in.  I have learn’t how to use a till, stock take and sort out delivery’s, all of which I didn’t know how to do before.  The best thing about being here are the people.  Gill taught me how to do all the things I needed to be able to work here.  She didn’t treat me like a child – she explained things to me as if I was an adult employee and it made me feel appreciated.  I have loved looking at and pricing all the interesting cooking equipment that is in the shop.  I have had a wonderful time doing my work experience at Cooking Kneads and I am glad I had the chance to do it here.”

Thank you and well done Clara!







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