Poppy Silicone Bowl Cover


A brilliant and handy way to keep food fresh in the fridge/freezer, warm whilst you are serving Sunday lunch or free from bugs if you are eating outdoors. Owner Gill couldn’t recommend them more as she uses them in her own kitchen!


An essential addition to even the most well-equipped kitchens. This bright and colourful bowl cover offers a simple, waste-free way to cover food in the fridge or freezer. The cover works by creating an air-tight seal around the lip of the bowl, keeping food fresher for longer and protecting it from contaminants. You would be surprised how much suction there is once you place the cover on a bowl. This is great for covering warm food while you serve up or protecting from insects on a summer’s day. Salads stay crisp, cake stays moist and ingredients can be left to marinate with these clever food covers, or they can even be used as spare pan lids. 

Product Spec 

  • Made from silicone
  • Fridge, freezer, oven and microwave safe
  • Care: can we be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher 
  • Size: 28cm