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Through the eyes of a Student

A great insight into the independent retail industry for our first work experience student! This summer Cooking Kneads welcomed its first work experience student - Clara Vasey from the local Priory School.   It wasn't the best week to have a new bod in the shop as we...

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Emma Bridgewater Christmas!

  What an amazing day we had at the trade open day at Emma Bridgewater's factory!                        On arrival we were greeted with a lovely breakfast and a friendly registration.  After seeing other traders literally emptying the shop - I quickly realised it was...

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Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower Cordial – a great summer drink either serve with iced water or great in a Gin & Tonic Equipment Scales Saucepan Mixing Bowl Cover for bowl Straining bag or kit Bottles Funnel Labels Zester Measuring Jug Gin Glasses!! Equipment needed all available in shop....

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Food Huggers

Now you can keep your unused portions of fruit and vegetables fresh for longer – ideal on all citrus fruits, onions, peppers, advocados, etc. Just ‘hugs’ the food Also ideal to reseal opened cans and jars.  6 sizes available – buy separately from £1.99 or as a set of...

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