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Kitchen Products


Le Creuset

At Cooking Kneads we stock a comprehensive range of Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick (TNS) – sleek versatile non-stick pans, 3 Ply Stainless Steel – a pan with stylish multi-layer technology and Cast Iron enameled cookware – synonymous with enduring quality and timeless style.  All Cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee.


There are 3 ranges of Stellar pans on the shop floor but we are able to order most ranges of Stellar.  Hard Anodised pans have a scratch resistant Teflon non-stick surface with a 10 year guarantee and there are over 20 different products in this range.  Stellar 7000 pans are stainless steel with an elegant and efficient spec.  Rocktanium – a new range of excellent durable pans.  The small range of Stellar 1000 pans in stock show the classic domus shape in European stainless steel.


Judge Vista is a classic range of Stainless steel pans with glass lids offering quality with a 25 yr guarantee.  A great option for the price conscious.

Victor Cast Iron

A Classic range of Skillets and Griddle pans – all of which are pre-seasoned with vegetable oil.  Each item cooks beautifully on all types of surfaces.

Netherton Foundry

In Cooking Kneads we stock a range of Spun Iron Frying Pans and the new Prospector Pans (ideal for hob and oven use) the Slow Cooker and general stock.  The whole range is available to order.

Shropshire made pans – now recognised internationally and used by top celebrity chefs.  These pans are 99.1% pure iron pre-seasoned with flax oil and are free from all chemicals – enabling them to be used on an open camp fire or a modern induction hob.


AGA Saucepans are made in Switzerland and with their unique lid design they stack inside the oven maximising oven space. Cooking Kneads have a small range of AGA cookware but can order any product for the AGA enthusiast.

We also stock a wide range of Woks (suitable for Induction), Paella Pans, Roasting Pans – enamel and stainless steel, Steamers and general cooking pots.



At Cooking Kneads we stock a comprehensive range of Silverwood Bakeware.  This bakeware is designed and manufactured in Britain.  With its excellent heat spread technology and specialist pieces most products are designed by cooks to be used by cooks.


This bakeware is heavy duty with a non-stick coating.  A 25 year guarantee gives the customer reassurance that their piece of bakeware will give them great value for money.

Tools and Gadgets

From Spiralizers to zesters – Cooking Kneads offers an excellent range of tools and gadgets – some of our main suppliers are Microplane, Kuhn Rikon, Stellar and Chef’n.

Our comprehensive range of salt and pepper mills have been enhanced by the recent addition of Peugeot – which has a truly superior grinding mechanism.

Tea and Coffee

A fantastic range of teapots in ceramic, stainless steel, enamel and cast iron gives the customer an excellent choice of infuser or simple traditional styles.  This is complimented by brewing accessories.

Coffee is by no means ignored with double walled and glass cafetieres on show.  Espresso makers of all sizes are stocked with those suitable for an induction hob.

We have a beautiful selection of mugs from Le Creuset and other suppliers, together with their stove top kettles.  AGA and other makes of kettles are also available.


We stock a range of glasses used in the restaurant chain ASK which are reasonably priced and come in several sizes from shot, Gin & Tonic, Wine, Sparkly and Beer.

Pourers, measures, openers and cocktail makers create a substantial bar section at Cooking Kneads.


In addition to our Emma Bridgewater range we also stock other ceramic ware i.e. ramekins, soufflé dishes, pie dishes, pudding basins and casseroles are all stocked in various sizes.   Le Creuset stoneware is vibrant and makes a wonderful gift or addition to anyone’s kitchen.   Our pride of place is the beautiful ethically made Tunisian Ceramics range – handcrafted pieces from a small family run business in Tunisia called Bio Farm Trading.


AGA textiles prove to be very popular and most items can be ordered if not already in stock.  Irish Linen companies – Ulster Weavers and Samuel Lamont have a great range of Aprons and Tea Towels.  We stock Shropshire Tea Towels and Aprons designed by local artist Linda Edwards.

List of Main Brands and Stockists

  • AGA
  • Bake-o-glide
  • Bio Farm Trading
  • Charles Viancin
  • Chef’n
  • Cole & Mason
  • Delphinware
  • Dexam
  • Eddingtons
  • Falcon
  • Global
  • Judge
  • Kitchen Devils
  • Kuhn Rikon
  • Le Creuset
  • Mason Cash
  • Masterclass
  • Microplane
  • Netherton Foundry
  • Peugeot
  • Price & Kensington
  • Robert Welch
  • Samuel Lamont
  • Silverwood
  • Stellar
  • T&G
  • Ulster Weavers
  • Victor
  • Victorinox
  • Wüsthof
  • Zeal
  • Zyliss

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